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 HIMCES Model 85A Mini Hopper

Coin Hopper - Münzausgabe - Münzausgabegerät

  • More flexibility for more applications
  • Unique jam-free construction
  • High capacity and high speed payout
  • Durable and lightweight


Dimension 150.0 (H) x 85.0 (W) x 150.0 (D) mm
Weight Standard 0.57 kg
Applicable Coin Dimensions Diameter: 14.0 mm to 29.0 mm
Thickness: 1.3 mm to 3.2 mm
Coin Capacity Standard 600 coins (US ¢ 25)
Extension Tank 1000 coins (US ¢ 25)
Coin Payout Speed Standard 400 coins/min (US ¢ 25)
Electrical Interface Voltage: DC24V±10%
Amperage: 500mA
Counting Method Optical Sensor
Hopper capacity 1600 x 1 Cent, 1100 x 2 Cent, 850 x 5 Cent, 850 x 10 Cent, 450 x 50 Cent, 500 x 1 Euro, 450 x 2 Euro
Key Features Unique Jam-Free Construction
Like all other Himecs coin hoppers, the Model 85A is modularly constructed with minimum components, eliminating problems such as coin jams.
High Capacity & High Speed Payout
The Model 85A standard coin tank holds 600 coins (25mm in diameter) and payouts a whopping 400 coins per minute. Capacity can be easily increased to 1000 coins by adding the optional extension coin tank.
Durable & Lightweight
All Himecs´ coin hoppers are made with high-strength, wear-resistant materials. The robustness ensures that each Himecs coin hopper lasts longer, giving you more value for money. Weighing only 0.57kg, the hopper has an amazing capacity of 600 coins.
More Info 4U For flexibility, versatility and reliability Designed to meet the demands of various applications today, the Model 85A Mini-Hopper can meet the requirements of all markets such as gaming, change, parking, ticketing and vending. It accepts a wider range of coins, from 14mm to 29mm in diameter. With the versatile conversion kit, change of coin denomination can be accomplished within a few seconds, saving you time and money!