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 HIMCES GH-3200 Global Hopper

Coin Hopper - Münzausgabe - Münzausgabegerät

  • Patent-pending (Advanced Coin-Drum Mechanism) Technology
  • Dispenses any coins without any adjustments
  • Modular construction for easy maintenance
  • World`s first coin hopper with security features for fraud prevention
  • Durable and lightweight

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Dimension 210.0 (H) x 127.0 (W) x 225.0 (D) mm
Weight Standard 1.6 kg
Applicable Coin Dimensions> Diameter: 19.0 mm to 32.0 mm
Thickness: 1.3 mm to 3.2 mm
Coin Capacity Standard 800 coins (US ¢ 25)
Coin Payout Speed Standard 300 coins/min (US ¢ 25)
Electrical Interface Voltage: DC24V±10%
Amperage: 0.3A (2.0A Max)
Key Features High-Speed, Jam-free payouts
Using the renowned HIMECS’ patent-pending (Advanced Coin-Drum Mechanism) Technology, the unique mechanism ensures a smooth, jam-free coin payout experience that is second to none. High-speed payout rate is also achieved at approximately 5-6 coins per second.
Advanced Security Features
The GH-3200 is the world’s only hopper with Fraud Prevention Mechanism! The hopper is able to prevent multiple coins from being dispensed when the coin outlet is being blocked and can even prevent coin theft resulting from abuse of photo sensors at the coin exit.
Innovative Design
Simple modular construction allows disassembling of hopper unit on-site for routine maintenance. This ability translates to lengthened product lifespan and reduction in operation down-time.
Easy maintenance
The entire GH-3200 is modularly constructed with minimal components. Routine maintenance can be easily conducted with the innovative One-Touch feature that allows the escalator to be easily disassembled.
More Info 4U The Solution to all Coin Payout Applications
The HIMECS GH-3200 is the world’s first fully non-coin specific coin hopper that has advanced security features built-in. Using HIMECS’ patent-pending (Advanced Coin-Drum Mechanism) Technology, the Global Hopper GH-3200 is able to dispense coins of different denominations without the need to change components and even works perfectly with irregular shaped coins.