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Short descriptions of Bill Dispensers 4U
(Apr. 2005)
1) XTM, XC-1000/2000
Access to banknotes from top.
A) Advantage:
1. Made of metal.
2. Compact size (H 150mm/W 220mm/D 200mm).
3. Low cost.
B) Disadvantage:
1. Without reject box/bin (*1).
2. Without removable cash box.
C) Installation reference:
New model and only some hundreds are installed in gaming machine in Korean gaming industry but from many years experienced bill counter technology.

2) Puloon, LCDM1000 ~ 4000
(one cash box type) ~4000 (four cash box type) made of metal size between 1). and 3). Access to cash box front only.
A) Advantage:
1. Reasonable low cost for one cash box type.
2. Smaller size (less than heavy duty ATM Bill Dispensers).
B) Disadvantage:
1. Without removable lockable cash box (RLCB *2)
RLCB is being developed and available summer 2005
C) Installation reference:
1. NSM/Lowenplay/Hirscher Germany producer for money changer.
2. Bergmann also for money changer.
3. Gunnebo in Germany for ATM.

3) WIZ Mechatronics, GBM series
(one cash box type ~ four cash box type, access to cash box front or rear) made of metal, developed for ATMs.
A) Advantage:
1. Heavy duty reliable product (for ATMs), always with RLCB.
B) Disadvantage:
1. Euro 990 for one cash box type ~ 2.950 for four cash box type.

*1 = If mechanically counted one banknote and detected two banknotes by optical sensor, those banknotes are being sent to a special box/bin which we call reject box/bin.
*2 = by 2). and 3)., cash box is to be removed from dispenser by fulling banknotes. After taking out the cash box, cash box is locked and there is no access to banknotes. Neccessary for bigger operation company or for security company.